the automatic tool changer, which comes standard on the E-Brake iTCThe E-Brake iTC gives operators everything they like about the E-Brake 150T 3100 and 200T 4100, but with one important addition—the automatic tool changer. The automatic tool changer is able to automatically set up the tools in your press brake, increasing efficiency without the need to take up valuable extra space on your floor.

Keep reading to learn more about SafanDarley’s E-Brake iTC:

Automatic Tool Changer

SafanDarley’s automatic tool changer is engineered so that it can be programmed rapidly and accurately. The automatic tool changer does not need to be programmed separately. It compiles its data from generated press brake programs, which can be set up via features like Batch and Queue, though you can also give as-needed commands throughout (like clearing the machine).

The smart magazine mounted on the rear of the E-Brake iTC is constantly at the ready to clear tools. To set up a new batch of tools, you can either do so manually or choose the TIPS option (one of the available optional add-ons), which allows the machine’s robot to identify and place the correct tools.

These capabilities are what work together to make the E-Brake iTC so efficient.

Touch-Screen Controlsall of SafanDarley's E-Brakes, the iTC included, come standard with touch screen controls

 SafanDarley’s E-Brakes, the E-Brake iTC included, come standard with touch screens of varying sizes. On the E-Brake iTC, the screen measures 17” and runs Microsoft software, which was developed based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Depending on your needs, you can equip your E-Brake iTC with a second screen to create a paperless working environment.

Additional Features

Equipment that comes standard on the E-Brake iTC includes:

  • EC20 Touch Screen CNC press brake controller
  • Adjustable top beam angle (+/- 2.5mm)
  • 3D CNC backgauge control (X1-X2, Z1-Z2, R1-R2)
  • Backgauge beam equipped with two adjustable backgauge fingers
  • NSCL II HC Premium hydraulic clamping top tool adapter
  • Standard open height of 690mm (Q-size)
  • Two support arms (300mm)
  • One Hold-to-Run control console
  • Programmable and integrated safety light curtain

Optional add-ons include:

  • E-Bend L Blue measuring system
  • Various support arms
  • Bending aids; E-mate plus or E-mate 2000
  • Bottom and upper clamps equipped with TIPS
  • Expansion tool magazine
  • Rotating tool station

To get SafanDarley’s E-Brake iTC working in your shop, contact Westway today!

Westway Machinery is the Canadian leader in press brakes and the exclusive distributor of the SafanDarley E-Brake in Canada. Contact us to find out how SafanDarley’s press brakes and shears can streamline your manufacturing process

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