Introducing SafanDarley’s E-Brake Premium SeriesSafanDarley has unveiled the newest member of its E-Brake family—the E-Brake Premium! This model is the successor to the E-Brake II 35T-130T and E-Brake II B 20T-100T. It is currently available for sale with the first deliveries beginning in September of this year.

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The Innovation You Don’t Want to Miss: The Split-Screen Control Panel, Standard on Every E-Brake Premium and Unique to SafanDarley

The split screen control panel, standard on every E-Brake Premium and unique to SafanDarleySince SafanDarley launched its E-Controls more than a decade ago, they have continuously set and raised the industry standard for ease of operation. The E-Brake Premium sees the best getting even better with the introduction of a split-screen control panel mounted on a rotatable swivel arm.

The touch screen measures 21 inches. Its height can be adjusted anywhere from 1550mm to 1800mm from the floor, and it can even be moved to operate in the machine centre when necessary from its resting position on the right-hand side.

The E-Brake Premium is fitted standard with EC10 controls, however you can choose to upgrade to EC20 controls. EC20 controls deliver all the same possibilities as EC10 including the colour touch screen, numerical programming and displays, and up-to-date databases, but also enable 2D-graphic programing and can automatically calculate required bending sequences.

The E-Brake Premium’s Standard Features

The E-Brake Premium is available from 35T to 100T and with working ranges of 1250mm to 3100mm.

In addition to the double touch control screen, standard equipment on the E-Brake Premium includes:

  • CNC controlled Y1/Y2, X, and R axes
  • Manually controlled Z1 and Z2 axes
  • Wila NSCL-II-MC Pro top tool adapter
  • OB/S-3 lower tool clamping
  • Set of two support arms
  • Programmable and integrated light guard
  • Foot pedal with “hold to run” function
  • Electrical installation for net connection 3/N/PE 50 Hz 230/400 VAC

Other important options to consider are:

  • CNC controlled Z1/Z2 and dX axes
  • Ergonomic packages for 35T and 40T
  • Wila NSCL II Premium MC top tool clamping
  • Wila NSCL II Pro HC top tool clamping
  • Wila NSCL II Premium HC top tool clamping
  • Bending aids: E-Mate 150 or E-Mate Plus
  • Q dimensions: 650, 690, or 790mm

To get SafanDarley’s E-Brake Premium working in your shop, contact Westway today!

Westway Machinery is the Canadian leader in press brakes and the exclusive distributor of the SafanDarley E-Brake in Canada. Contact us to find out how SafanDarley’s press brakes and shears can streamline your manufacturing process

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