Before investing in a new piece of shop machinery, you should weigh your options. You might be geared towards hydraulic press brakes that your operators know how to run well. But you should take a look at the benefits that a servo-electronic press brake could bring to your business. Electronic press brakes can have a significant positive impact on your production; read more to find out where you fit in.

Hydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic Press Brakes

Dependable and hardworking, hydraulic press brakes are great for a shop that wants to continue using a high quality hydraulic press brake that they know how to operate easily. Hydraulic press brakes are a good choice if your work requires simple bends that don’t require hyper-accuracy. With lower initial costs, hydraulic press brakes are well suited to you if your shop needs a reliable, heavy-duty press on a tighter budget.

Electronic Press BrakesElectric Press Brakes

Electric press brakes outperform hydraulic press brakes when it comes to bending accuracy. This type of machine is ideal if you manufacture complex or multiple-piece parts with little or no room for variance. If your shop works with expensive materials than an electronic press brake is a smart investment; the reduction in scrap will result in a faster pay back on the upfront cost of the machine. Electronic press brakes are the option for shops that need to boost production cycle times, increase accuracy on bends, and also save money on energy bills.

Tips for Determining What Type of Press Brake to Purchase

  • Take a look at your work orders. Is your current press brake keeping up with your workload?
  • Do you have employees that are excited and willing to learn new software?
  • Think about your future business goals. Want type of contracts are you aiming for? And which press brake will suit those goals?

Put together your wants, needs, and goals together and talk to your fabrication machinery dealer to find the right press brake machine for your shop.

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