We’ll Treat You Like Family

Manufacturing industries typically operate with limited time and increased pressure. When your equipment breaks down or no longer works the way it should, you need a machine repair service provider who will work against the clock to get you up and running again.

We want to be that partner you can depend on.

Our Guarantee to You

Westway Machinery is Canada’s first choice for metal-forming machinery. When you purchase a machine from us, you will receive highly functional and long-lasting equipment, and you will also receive Westway’s best service promise.


We promise to respond immediately to get your sheet metal machinery running at optimal performance levels.


We Celebrate your Success

  • “We called Westway when we needed a pressure switch replaced on our Gasparini CNC Press Brake. The service manager responded quickly, within the hour, and was courteous the whole time. During his visit, he noticed a faulty, leaky hose as well. We appreciated him pointing it out! In the end, the Service Technician completed his work professionally, used all the right practices (including lock-out/tag-out), and left our facility clean.”

  • “Our Hyd-Mech Bandsaw wasn’t cutting straight, so we reached out to Westway. The Service Technician came out within the day. He checked tension, feed force, tracking, and the blade – all of which were okay – however, the blade guides needed replacing which was taken care of on the spot. The technician did everything by the book and swept where he had worked to leave our facility tidy!”

  • We were having a power issue with our Hyd-Mech horizontal band saw. Westway got in touch with us quickly to schedule a service and came out within 24 hours. Their Service Technician was courteous and professional. He checked the fuses and voltages, which were in good shape, and found a faulty safety relay. He supplied us with a new one and fixed it. He did everything to code, including using the lock-out procedures while he was working on our machine.

  • We contacted Westway to fix our Hyd-Mech Cold Saw. The Technician adjusted an out-of-stock proximity sensor, which proved a fix. He was knowledgeable and professional throughout his visit.”

  • We called Westway about our FABMASTER Hydraulic Press Brake, which was missing valve and safety valve feedback. Westway came out within a day to look at our machine. They found that the CNC150 was missing an in-position y-axis motor. They fixed this and re-calibrated the machine before running a test to ensure it was working again. They even worked with the operator to make sure he was comfortable working with the machine.

  • We called Westway about our FABMASTER Ironworker, which was going down but not coming back up. The service technician responded to our inquiry and came out quickly, finding the problem to be wires shorting on the foot switch cable conduit. He repaired the conduit for the foot switch and the notching station, adjusted the access door limit switch, and repaired the door locking adjustable bolt. When he was finished, he demonstrated to us that it was functioning correctly. The areas was left cleaned and we were left happy!

In need of more information?

We not only provide our customers with immediate machine repair service, but we also offer our Preventative Maintenance Plan to help spot any potential problems before they affect your processes and timelines. Reach out to our team, and we will help get you started.