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Responsive Customer Service: All manufacturing industries operate under time constraints and pressures. When things happen in the middle of a project, you need an immediate response from someone that you can trust and depend on.

Westway Machinery is your dependable partner for all of your servicing needs. We have nine full-time specialist service staff members on call for you.

Our Service Guarantee: Westway Machinery is Ontario’s first choice for machine servicing. When you purchase a machine from Westway Machinery, you not only get tremendous, highly functional, and long-lasting equipment, you also get Westway’s industry-best service promise.

Our promise to you, the customer, is that when you purchase a new machine from us, we will not charge for any warranty servicing. We do not even charge for time spent to get to your shop’s site—from Windsor to Kenora, we will respond immediately to get your machine running at optimal performance levels. Westway does not have a fuel surcharge, although nearly everyone else does these days. That’s the Westway Machinery difference.

Partnering with You: Westway Machinery is your partner in ensuring that you get the job done with minimal downtime and expense. We are dedicated to providing sensitive and immediate responses to all queries and concerns with product specifications, pricing, and availability. We have the resources in place—for pre- and post-sales—to make sure that we respond efficiently and timely, and that always exceeds your expectations.

Technical Support and Expertise: Our strong sales and support staff will help to customize a solution to whatever metal-forming industry problem that arises. We can determine which specific technologies are ideally suited to your particular application. We invest continuously in our technicians’ ongoing training to ensure that our recommendations are always the right choice for your individual manufacturing needs.

Ongoing Support: Westway is committed to ensuring that your downtimes are minimal—or non-existent. We want to keep your machines running at optimal levels—all the time. We have the expertise, inventory, and support resources to ensure long up-times and continuous productivity for your enterprise.

Westway makes constant investments in improving our service department methods and provides an ongoing training program, as well as provides bilingual sales and service staff for our valued Province of Quebec clients.

Keeping our customers informed about government incentive programs for the manufacturing industries through regular email newsletters is just another way that Westway leads the way in sales, service, inventory, and customer support.

Diagnostic and Preventative Maintenance: Westway Machinery is Ontario’s leading servicer of metal-forming and metal-fabricating machinery and equipment. Our nine service staff, 28,000 square-foot warehouse, and comprehensive parts inventory for all of our 500 new machines, contributes to our solid reputation as a leader in the industry. Proficient customer support makes up the rest of our reputation in the metal-forming industries.

Preventative Maintenance Program: After forty years in the business, Westway Machinery knows that regularly scheduled maintenance of machinery ensures predictable high performance with no sudden and expensive downtimes. This is why Westway has recently instituted our Preventative Maintenance Program. To ensure long life and high functionality, Westway Machinery will send out a service technician to inspect your equipment and make report recommendations for upcoming service. We recommend that your equipment be checked—at minimum—twice per year to ensure no work disruptions. Most times, our technicians will identify a problem just before it actually causes a work stoppage.

Contact Westway Machinery today to discuss implementing a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for your equipment:

Telephone: (905) 803-9999 | Toll free: 1-800-263-1199 |

For service in French: 1-514-940-0218

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