SafanDarley is the world leader and innovator of the SafanDarley E-Brake. They strive for superior quality, reliability, innovation, and sustainability in the design and development of their press brakes and shears. The E-Brake’s patented machine construction uses a servo-electronic drive that evenly distributes force and eliminates the need for crowning. This increase in accuracy can shorten cycle times by 30% and use up to 50% less energy than hydraulic press brakes.

SafanDarley’s innovative hybrid shears use a hydraulic and electronic drive combination. SafanDarley M-Shears feature torsion-free cutting, automatic cutting angle settings, scrap separation, and a unique piece return function for impressive and highly efficient sheet metal shearing.

Westway Machinery is the exclusive distributor of SafanDarley machinery in Canada. Contact us for more information about how these innovative press brakes and shears can streamline your manufacturing process.

History of Safan

See below for SafanDarley's history of Innovation and relationship with Westway.

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