Sometimes boosting efficiency in one area exposes bottlenecks in others. Millomat Stampings/Accuburners Corp., a fabricating shop located in Mississauga, recently found themselves in just that position after achieving record production levels with their laser cutters. That put them on the hunt for a flexible, fast, and accurate electronic press brake ready to keep pace with growing demand and handle a variety of projects.

A Canadian Fabricating & Welding article profiled Millomat’s story. We’ve summarised it here for you:

Boosting Laser Cutting Efficiencies at Millomat

Laser Cutting Efficiencies

Sam Sehmbi founded Millomat in 1985 as a tool and die shop. His sons, Mani and Junior, took over daily management in 2004. They have a range of tools on site including hydraulic press brakes, a beveller, a plate roller, a welding team, and two lasers cutters.

But where that complete setup produced record laser cutting efficiencies, other bottlenecks appeared. Put simply, Millomat didn’t have a press brake ready to handle the variety of complex geometries the shop was dealing with.

Why Millomat Chose a SafanDarley E-Brake

Millomat Millomat chose to invest in a SafanDarley E-Brake 100-3100 from Westway Machinery. It’s a 110-ton, 10-foot model, driven by a servo motor and employing a belt pulley system to power the ram down. It’s equipped with seven axes, which makes it more than ready to handle complex, multi-bend parts.

For Mani, the speed of production, simplicity of controls, and precision of the bends is what matters most. “I am saving a lot of time on setups; the machine does a lot of the brainwork for me,” Mani said. “I am doing 120-in.-long pieces on it, 12 bends per part. One part we are running has as many as 18 bends on it; in that case, we set up multiple dies on the machine to speed the processing.”

Read the full article “Business Profile: Millomat” from Canadian Fabricating & Welding.

The new E-Brake continues to open doors for Millomat. It’s been running on two solid shifts and finishing production runs in the thousands, letting the company take on new and bigger projects.

Looking to the future, Millomat is already getting excited about being able to purchase a second electronic press brake to meet their growing needs!

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