Are you in the market for a new press brake?

Many shops and fabricators rely on hydraulic machines. 

Baykal, which has manufactured hydraulic press brakes for more than 40 years, is the leading choice.

Here are five of the many Baykal hydraulic press brake features you should know about:

Baykal-press-brakes1.     Intermediate Sub-plate

A Baykal press brake’s tooling is attached to a sub-plate, which is between the ram and die holders. In the rare event of a tooling overload on the ram causing damage, maintenance is simple. Operators can remove the sub-plate and have it quickly repaired or replaced.

Other press brake builders attach tooling directly to the ram. When damage occurs, repairs are difficult because the ram will need to be removed, machined, and re-assembled.

2.     Fan-cooled Cabinet

Baykal hydraulic press brakes have spacious electrical cabinets that are fan-cooled, creating increased air circulation. This results in greater component longevity and less maintenance.

3.     Operator Usability

Baykal models have Delem CNC controls, which are common throughout North America and Europe. This makes it easier to find a skilled operator who can confidently run the machine.

They are also non-proprietary controls, which means multiple service providers will be able to fix the system should there be a break-down.

4.     Linear Encoder on a False Frame

The Linear encoders are mounted to a false frame for more accurate measurement. Under load, the C-frame design of all hydraulic brakes can result in a slight deflection in the opening. This is called yawing.

By mounting the encoder to a false frame, the reading will be more accurate than mounting it directly to the side frame of the machine.

The linear encoder system constantly monitors and corrects beam parallelism. This assures maximum bend accuracy, and precise parts.                   

5.     Durability

Baykal hydraulic press brakes have traits that ensure they last for years, making them a smart long-term investment. For example, they use rigidly-welded mono-block steel frames and high quality steel from Germany or France (ST 44-52). This ensures minimum deflection under a heavy load.

Behind the power of these design characteristics, you can expect accurate bends and smooth operation.

It’s no wonder why press brake operators largely favour this established manufacturer.

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