SafanDarley E-BrakesMetal forming shops strive to reduce product waste and increase product output, and this makes accuracy and efficiency two of the most important areas to focus on. How does your production perform when it comes to sheet metal press brakes?

Your current press brake machine may get the job done, but older press brake equipment can significantly slow down your production speeds and create a large amount of waste due to inaccurate sheet metal bends. SafanDarley electronic press brakes offer the solution to your speed and accuracy issues with their innovative E-Brake; they manufacture a complete line of servo electronic press brakes that are unmatched in accuracy, efficiency, and energy savings.

What Makes the E-Brake Better Than Other Press Brakes?

100% Electric Operation

  • Results in 50% energy savings because the machine only uses energy when the upper beam is in motion. (Springs return the beam back into place after each bend for additional energy savings!)
  • Minimal maintenance compared to hydraulic brakes due to fewer parts such as valves, pumps, seals, or coolers. The press brake doesn’t require hydraulic oil, so it removes the need for oil changes and disposal—saving you both time and money

30% Faster Cycle Times

  • SafanDarley’s electronic control system ensures very short response and delay times
  • Programmable safety light curtains from the touch screen control automatically moves the machine to the next step allowing a 30% increase in thru-put

Unparalleled Accuracy

  • The unique belt and pulley drive system evenly distributes the tonnage across the ram and eliminates the need for crowning
  • Rigid O-frame design stabilizes the entire machine and results in no yawing deflection

SafanDarley electronic press brakes range from 20 ton pressure force models up to a 300 ton model (the largest electronic press on the market) and machine working lengths range from 850 to 4100mm.

Boost your product output while saving money; purchase a SafanDarley E-Brake and invest in your company’s future. Contact Westway Machinery for inquiries or come and visit our showroom in Mississauga.

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