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The first folding system that knows how to run your parts. You select the part you want to create from a picture based icon library, enter the flange dimensions and angles and push one button. The control automatically programs the part for you. The backgauging system automatically positions the part to the bend line. The extra deep folding beam automatically adjusts for the right material thickness. And in addition, the folding beam is extremely fast, with a speed of 80 degrees per second.

The CrownTool combines folding beam tool and crowning system into one innovative component. With the CrownTool you can set the crowning and achieve perfectly straight bends, even when step bending radii. Exisiting machines can be retrofit with this CrownTool.

RAS metal folders are the fastest, easiest, most sophisticated metal folding systems in the world

Touch & More

No CNC in the world can outperform it for sheer functional simplicity. State of the art technology made incredibly simple to use. Key in the size of the flange, the thickness of the material, and the Touch & More draws the part perfectly and displays it on the screen. Using your finger as a pencil, you can paint a flange and size it to the right dimension and angle. The CADalyzer is able to display the real metal thickness, the correct bend radius and the tools and machine components with their real dimensions, simultaneously. The TURBObend with Touch&More delivers absolute RAS perfection.

Upper Beam

The TURBObend’s upper clamping beam is an engineering marvel. It’s driven by a radically new eccentric elbow pivot, not the inferior chain drive used in other systems. This means the TURBObend can create incredibly accurate bends while offering superior longevity and lower maintenance. The beam offers 30-degree tooling for greater flexibility in bending geometry.

Lower Beam

Designed using Finite Element Analysis, the TURBObend’s rigid, deep-box lower clamping beam offers unparalleled resistance to deflection and torsion rigidity. This means the RAS TURBObend offers long machine life and unbeatable folding precision.

Folding Beam

The folding beam is the heart of any metal folding system. The RAS TURBObend features a folding beam with unmatched engineering superiority. The TURBObend’s folding beam offers a speed of 80 degrees per second, bringing you unheard-of speed and productivity.

It doesn’t end there. The RAS TURBObend’s folding beam automatically adjusts to material thickness. This means you have less downtime and greater machine life, and because the beam can simultaneously move up and down and in and out, you can bend larger radii without material cracking.

The folding beam of the RAS TURBObend moves not only up and down, but also in and out. You can bend up to 1.2 mm (18 gauge) material using the 10 mm (0.39″) folding beam tool. You can bend coated and painted materials without scratching the surface. Third, the bend angles will be always accurate and repeatable. The machine makes the adjustments automatically, not the operator, so they will always be correct.

Backgauge and Sheet Support System

The RAS TURBObend backgauge is driven by a motor and parallel guide system that positions your workpiece to within four thousandths of an inch. The TURBObend operates so fast that it can position a part over its forty-inch span in less than two seconds. The finger stops drop down automatically for part rotation, and the patented front spring steel fingers are designed to resist deflection.



  • Touch & More
  • Upper Beam
  • Lower Beam
  • Folding Beam
  • Backgauge and Sheet Support System

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