The Different Types of Press Brakes

While there are dozens of different sizes and models with unique capabilities and characteristics, there are essentially two categories or types of press brakes:

  • Electronic Press Brakes — While newer, electronic press brakes have quickly risen to prominence. They use electric motors that only run when there’s actual bending to perform. Variable speed drives are often included as a way to further improve efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes — The hydraulic models rely on gear pumps to push oil from side to side. They’re extremely powerful and reliable, but they’re less energy-efficient and more expensive to maintain. (They continually run while the machine is on, even when there’s nothing cycling through the machine.)

You can also find hybrid press brakes, which use hydraulics. However, instead of using gear pumps, they typically feature an electric drive that modulates the hydraulic flow into the cylinders.

For more information about the difference between Electric and Hydraulic press brakes, click here.

Finding the Right Press Brakes for Your Needs

When it comes to press brakes, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a machine. Some of the top brands include:

  • SafanDarleyIf you’re looking for press brakes that are fast, accurate, and energy-efficient, SafanDarley is the way to go. They’re known for having 30 percent shorter cycle times and using 50 percent less energy than hydraulic press brakes. Superior quality, reliability, innovation, and sustainability are what come to mind when considering SafanDarley press brake machines.
  • Baykal Want something that’s cost-effective and gets the job done? Baykal is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic press brakes. Their machines have a heavy-duty construction that’s built to last, yet they cost just half the price of similar press brakes on the market. Their cost-efficiency is matched by their dependability and accurate performance.

Whether you’re looking for brand new hydraulic or electronic press brakes, or your budget only allows for pre-owned models, Westway Machinery has you covered. Contact one of our metal forming and fabrication machinery specialists to learn more!

Westway Machinery is the Canadian leader in press brakes, proudly distributing SafanDarley electric models and Baykal hydraulic press brakes. Contact us to find out more about our products and services

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