Flow International Corporation has recently announced that they will be celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. We would like to congratulate Flow on this milestone!

Flow is the inventor of the world’s first abrasive Waterjet cutting system and has remained the leader in the Waterjet industry. The company will be celebrating their 40th year of innovation at the upcoming IMTS event.

If you’re heading to the International Manufacturing Technology Show you should visit Flow’s booth and attend their speaking event. Vice president of technology at Flow, Dr. Hashish will be in attendance for a meet and greet. He is one of Flow’s original scientists, and the inventor of abrasive Waterjet cutting. He has been an integral part of Flow’s success over the company’s last 4 decades and he will likely have some great insights during his question and answer session at IMTS.

FLOW water jetWhat is Abrasive Waterjet?

Abrasive Waterjet cutting systems accelerate the movement of abrasive particles through the water stream. It cuts the material by erosion, leaving no heat-affected zone and finishing with a clean edge. Flow Waterjet machinery is versatile and limitless; it can cut metal, stone, composites, rubber, glass, and paper. It was first used in the food industry to cut meat, fish, baked goods, frozen foods, and candy.

At Westway, we generally outfit the metal fabrication industry with Flow cutting systems. Some of the common industries include: aerospace, automotive, military/defense, and robotics—it’s even popular among artists too.

Interested in Waterjet? Find out more about why a Flow Waterjet can benefit your shop.

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