Flow Waterjet Mach 3, Model 2513BWestway Machinery—Ontario’s leading choice for comprehensive machinery sales and servicing—enjoys an exclusive partnership with Flow, the Washington State manufacturers of the—yes, literally—cutting edge Flow Mach 2 and Mach 4 Waterjet systems.

Listen up, laser and plasma users, flame-cutters, and fabricators of all types. There’s a new cutter in town, and it’s an abrasive waterjet. Few things cut like a Waterjet. Everyone knows that lasers are excellent cutters of materials up to one inch thick. But Flow’s Waterjet cuts nearly any material from 1/16 of an inch to over 8 inches, in nearly any shape, in a single step, and with clean edges that do not require secondary finishing. That’s the power of Flow’s abrasive waterjet.

Besides the Waterjet’s awesome versatility and power, here are five additional reasons why you need a Flow Waterjet for your shop:

(1) Minimal Set-up and Fixturing: Side forces are virtually non-existent when cutting with a Flow abrasive waterjet, so the time required for setup and fixturing is minimal. You can move quickly from job to job: cut 1/2 inch aluminum in the morning, 2-inch glass in the afternoon, and 6-inch stainless steel in the evening. Cut all night long if you want!

(2) Multiple Heads are Better Than One: Flow’s cool-cutting process enables you to increase throughput by stacking raw material and cutting multiple parts in a single pass. Running multiple cutting heads simultaneously further increases productivity.

(3) Keep Your Edge: From steel to composites, you can cut net and near-net parts—every time. Flow’s abrasive waterjets cut with erosion, rather than shearing or heat, so they produce exceptional edge quality without heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses. Raw materials maintain their structural integrity: deburring and other secondary finishing are usually not required.

(4) No Tool Changes: Cutting with Flow’s abrasive waterjets is accomplished by software-controlled, robotic motion systems rather than hard-tooling. There are no costly, time-consuming tool changes required to accommodate your cutting an infinite variety of shapes.

(5) Exclusive Partnership: Westway Machinery has established an exclusive partnership with Flow and has been the authorized Canadian parts depot since 2009. We know Flow. And we can help you implement a Flow Waterjet in your shop that makes all other cutting technologies irrelevant.

Contact a Flow sales and servicing expert at Westway Machinery today to add another elite cutter to your shop.

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