FM-76V FM-52

With an optional BTM (Bundle Loading Magazine), the machines offer completely automatic loading, feeding, chamfering, and length measuring processes.

    • Fully automatic chamfering and Length Measuring system, with 2 types of loading magazine:
    • Rack – Sliding Magazine ( Standard )
    • BTM – Bundle Loading Magazine (Optional )
    • External and internal chamfering facing with length measuring in 1 process for both sides of the tube, with optional radius (round) chamfering
    • Optional motorized length adjusting and RPM speed inverter
  • Chamfering + Length Measuring

    With the SOCO FM series for Chamfering + Length Measuring, it is possible to simultaneously chamfer both ends of a tube, with up to 3000 mm in working length, and measure their lengths with tolerances as low as +- 0.02 mm.

  • Ability to inside + outside ( IO ) chamfer as deep as 15 mm or angles as small as 15 degrees
    • Inside + Outside Chamfering
    • Facing
    • Centering
    • Deep Chamfering
    • Radius Chamfering
    • Length Measuring


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