SA-77NC SA-115NC SA-160NC

  • Dynamic Tube Cutting
    • Fast Approach Speed
    • Low Speed during blade entry
    • High Speed after cutting through the tube’s wall
    • Lowest Speed at re-entry into tube’s lower wall
  • Global Patent - Bundle Loading Magazine (MB6) Saving 70% Labor and Material Changeover Time
    • MB6 Bundle Loader – Saving 70% labor and material changeover time
    • Automatic Material Alignment: Automatically align all material before loading it onto the machine
    • Shortest Material Changeover Time: While one stock bar is cutting, the next one is aligned and follows immediately behind to shorten changeover time
    • Bundle capacity up to 3,500 Kg (MB6)
  • Software
    • SOCO Recommendation System for ideal settings based on material and cutting requirements
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with Touch Screen System
    • Ability to program 5 cutting lengths per bar


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