• Dynamic Cutting , 2 Tubes Cutting Line x OD 40mm
    • Automatic speed variation through the entire cut
    • Automatic variation for single tube, double tubes, or single solid bar
  • Highest Production
    • Suitable for non-stop, 24 hours operation
    • Single or Dual Tubes Cutting
    • Speed Inverter System
    • 2 Electric Servo Axis – Feeding and Cutting
    • M6 – Automatic loading magazine for tubing up to 6 meters in length
    • Automatic single or double tube loading, feeding and cutting
    • Automatic separation of working pieces vs. crop cuts
    • Positive & Gripper feed
  • Precision
    • +/-0.05 mm ~ 0.1 mm length tolerance (single tube cutting)
    • Electric Servo Feeding
    • Electric Servo Cutting
    • Floating Feeding Carriage


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