Main Features

  • Fully automatic feeding, loading and chamfering
  • Chamfers both ends of tube at the same time
  • Patented design of material feeding device, ensures smooth and correct material feeding
  • Tool head has been designed for heavy use, and the long lasting carbide tool bits can be easily changed if required  
  • Each head has 2 speed steps, 1st rapid approach feed, 2nd step slow advance feed that is infinitely adjusted to the cutting speed to get a clean and smooth finish.
  • The length tolerance of each working piece can be controlled within ± 0.10 mm, by easily adjusted by the cutting depth device
  • The heavy casting machine bed & head stock, absorbs most of the working vibration, which provides a smooth, stable and quiet operation
  • Excellent electrical circuit designed with PLC controller for trouble free service
  • Right side head can be easily moved to desired position by a hand wheel



Standard head:  Throw away Tungsten Carbide Bits

Small head:  Special design Tungsten Carbide Knife

Working range:  ½”-2” Tube use standard head, (13mm-50.8mm), (tube with special small tool head)

Working piece length:  150mm–1000 mm (5.905”–39.370”) standard

Working Ability:  Mild steel tube 1” x .047” wall, working 9600 pieces per 8 hours.



Clamping jaws – per set, (required 2 sets)

Tool holder for 300 or 450 chamfer (each)

Extra tool head + carbide bits

Power inverter for adjusting the spindle speed

Safety Fence 1 meter

2 Meter capacity machine extension

Safety Fence 2 meter

Fully Hydraulic Version



  • Capacity: 2” Dia.
  • Electrics: 3 PH, voltage as required
  • Weight: 3,500 lbs approx.
  • Spindle Motor: 5 HP 6 pole motor one in each head
  • Spindle Speed: 6 speeds
  • Dimension: 102”x48”x79” (2560x1200x1800mm)
  • Weight: 2,750 lbs .(1250kg)
  • Fully Hydraulic power for: cutting, feeding and material clamping.


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