Available in 3 series:

A Series – 3 or 4 electric servo controlled axis

V Series – Draw and Roll and 1D bending

MR & MRV Series – 6 axis plus up to 6 stacks of tooling plus draw, roll and 1D bending

All models include DGT (direct gear drive technology) – SOCO’s unique and patented direct gear drive transmission system eliminates the need for chains. Benefits include higher accuracy of bend, minimal interference, higher transmission performance, compact bending head, and lower noise level.

SOCO Software- easy to use

  • Auto spring back compensation
  • XYZ to YBC conversions
  • File management for parts and tooling
  • 3D display and rotation of parts
  • Mirroring and image reversal of parts
  • Cycle time display
  • Can use positive or gripper feed
  • Built in internet connectivity for remote troubleshooting

  • A Series Benders
    • 3-4 electric servo controlled axis
    • Rack and pinion feeding
    • Elongated bending neck
    • Centralized greasing
    • Automatic mandrel extraction
    • Touch screen computer control
    • Single and multi-stack tooling
    • SOCO’s unique DGT technology
  • V Series Benders
    • 4 electric servo controlled axis
    • Multi-stack for draw and roll bending
    • 3 stacks with two sets of fixed radius and one set of variable radius tooling
    • 1D bending capability with programmable booster force
    • Roll bending spring back compensation
    • Programmable arc lengths for large radius
    • SOCO proprietary operation software
  • MR and MRV Benders
    • These benders are designed for bending complex parts with “0” straight clamping lengths
    • Allowing for up to 6 stacks of tooling
    • Can be used in the most demanding automotive, healthcare and other applications
    • Small radius bending plus roll bending and 1D bending
    • DGT technology
    • 6 electric servo controlled axis
    • Programmable boosting force for 1D bends
    • Automatic loading and unloading interface


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