The SOCO EF Chamfering series extends up to 6” (Ø152mm) in capacity. These semi-automatic machines are suitable for single tube end chamfering which can be done on the inside, outside, and face. Processing on solid bars is available.

  • Specially designed tool seat and clamping jaws
  • Simultaneously chamfers the inside, outside, and face of the tube
  • 2 different rotation speeds for various materials and requirements (Pulley setup)
  • 2 step chamfering process
  • EF-AC/115-U chamfering machine model is equipped with universal (prismatic) clamping system with 2 tube size ranges:
    • -Ø40 ~ 115mm
    • – Ø15 ~ 40mm
  • Optional chamfering seats for centering (Solid bar)
  • Optional chamfering seats for small tube diameters (6 ~ 15 mm)


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