SD2 SERIES includes 160-500 Ton Presses


  • Main motor, flywheel, clutch and brake are replaced with a High Torque-Low RPM Servo motor.
  • Direct Drive eliminates down-gearing, loss of tonnage (especially high in the stroke), belts + other parts typically associated with knuckle or link-type servo presses.
  • Unique Servo Pressure Stabilizer system eliminates power surges and conserves energy through a series of capacitors that equalize power consumption + store unused energy.
  • Advanced high strength ribbed frame structure enables the hold of tight tolerances under longer dwells without stretching/elongating the frame
  • Eight point gib slide guiding for improved accuracy and precision
  • Electronic Overload Protection allows for immediate reaction – with automatic, programmable ram back-up
  • 10.4″ High Resolution Color Display
  • 7 Programmed Profiles + Freeform Motion
  • 200 Job memory storage
  • 8 Die protection sensor inputs
  • 16 Programmable timing switches


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