4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

4R HSS type machines are the most heay duty machines which are used in various sector’s production lines like wind mills, silos, tanks, rail car, aerospace, shipbuilding, tunnel construction etc. There are 2 electiric motors plus 3 torque motors and 3 reducers. Big motor give power for fast/slow rotation to the top roll plus up/down movements of all pistons when small motor give turning movement only to 2 side rolls. Working principle is; Big electric motor’s power is transferred to the right pump and lubrication system get the action. Pipes and valves are providing hydraulic oil direct transmission to the reducer.

Torque motor mounted shafts has immediate moving because of the torque power. Center down roll is idlee and moving perfectly syncronised with the sheet as the speed of top roll. There are total of 8 pistons on the machine. Fiber bearing are used for these pistons to reduce the wear/overheating by warming the friction location of pistons. In order to increase the strength of the piston machine has bronze bearings too.

Encoders can be found in the front pistons as a machine standard, which allows to set the cut-off points and to transmit the movement positions to digital dşsplays that on control panel. There are 3 Digital Display (DRO) on the Control Panel which indicates the position of the 3 bottom rolls digitaally. These 3 DRO allows you to set the cut-off point of the rolls too. Linear system is used to improve aquaplaning resistance, machine body strength, and tolarate back force of material resistance.

Key features and specs

  • Automation with NC and CNC control
  • Overhead crane for large diameters
  • Hydraulic lateral side supports for large diameters
  • Hydraulic plate ejector
  • Ground rolls for special jobs
  • Infinitively variable speed system
  • Electronical balancing system for parellel movement of the rolls (Ø280-320-350-380- 400-460)
  • Optional Accumulator System for rotating the welded parts


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