Key features and specs

  • Very suitable for medium and light plates or stainless steel bending
  • Ferrules in full circle or varying radiuses can be done easily
  • Bottom pinching roll with hydraulic WEDGE SYSTEM. (Top/Down movements)
  • Double pre-bends (at both ends) in one pass is optained easily.
  • Overload protection
  • Two lateral rolls with double pinch pyramid action
  • Top roll is driven by a hydraulic motor coupled to the planetary gearbox
  • Bottom roller is driven by cardan joint system by means of gears.
  • Three digital readouts for easy roll positioning.
  • Hydraulic drop end for easy removal of finished ferrule
  • Easy operation with mobile control panel
  • Welded Steel frames
  • SAE 1050 (CK 45-50) forged or hot rolled, induction hardened and polished steel rolls
  • Conical bending device
  • Double speed working system
  • Central lubrication system


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