Maximum flexibility

Robo Mate is designed to be paired with a SafanDarley press brake (E-Brake, hydraulic, or hybrid) to give the option of switching to automated production at any time. This innovation gives the ability to set up and use a larger, more powerful press brake in the same way an R-Brake would be used, with the benefit of being able to switch back to manual whenever needed.

The SafanDarley Robo Mate comes standard with a versatile electrical cabinet, enabling seamless integration of new components into the cell right from the outset, as well as for retrofits.

The SafanDarley ASC-Control software platform, situated on the external operating console, governs all components with precision, ensuring optimal performance and control within the cell.

Different track lengths

SafanDarley Robo Mate is available in four distinct sizes to accommodate robot payloads of up to 360kg. With four length variations, we optimize the utilization of your valuable floor space.

By selecting from our range of sizes, you harness the full power and agility of robots with payloads ranging from 70kg, 130kg, 280kg, to 360kg.

All sizes can be delivered in the following lengths:

  •  7mtr. stroke, total length 8500mm
  •  9mtr. stroke, total length 10500mm
  •  11mtr. stroke, total length 12500mm
  •  13mtr. stroke, total length 14500mm

Tailor your production setup with the SafanDarley Robo Mate for unprecedented efficiency and performance.


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