Great for tight radius bends (down to 1-1/2 times the OD).

  • User friendly operation
  • Perfect for small to mid-sized productions
  • Quick changeovers and cycle times
  • Touch screen controls; able to input 140 programs with 10 bends per program


Key features:

  • 10 foot extraction table
  • Rotary positioning carriage with 4 manual stops
  • Set up of tooling consists of: rotary bending die, clamp die, pressure die, mandrel, wiper die (additional tooling available depending on bending requirements)
  • Right handed mandrel pipe bender
  • Single stack tooling
  • Electrical mechanical drive system for bend axis
  • Clamp die has hydraulic and mechanical locking system that reduces the possibility of slippage
  • Mandrel extractor uses powerful hydraulic system to insert, hold, and extract the mandrel
  • Follower die is positioned and held tight against rotary die and wiper die
  • Foot pedal control works in conjunction with touch screen instructions


Max Bending Strength Capacity:

  • Round Mild Steel – 3″OD x .125″ Wall
  • Round Aluminum – 3″OD x .188″ Wall
  • Round Stainless – 3″OD x .065″ Wall
  • Square Mild Steel – 2″x2″ x .188″ Wall
  • Solid Bar Mild Steel – 1.181″OD


  • Max bend radius – 9” CLR
  • Max bend angle – 190 degrees
  • Max length over mandrel – 10”
  • Bending speed (DOB) – 18 degrees per second
  • Accuracy of DOB - +/- 0.50°
  • Machine Weight - 2100 lb
  • 220V x 60Hz x 3 Phase


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