• Electric / Hydraulic operation provides smooth, consistent pressing action
  • Open sides to facilitate work on long pieces
  • Flat ram nose can be easily changed to allow the user to adapt the press to a specific job
  • Quality Baldor motor, low speed
  • Low speed pump ā€“ quiet, dependable operation
  • Self-locking table design eliminates lateral movement
  • Double-acting cylinder permits pulling as well as pressing ram action
  • Hydraulic power-lift for vertical displacement of table
  • Pressure regulator to limit the ram pressure
  • Cylinder activation is fingertip controlled, the more the hand lever is engaged the more the ram movement is accelerated, allowing the operator to control the proper speed for the task
  • High capacity 15 Gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
  • Low pressure hydraulic system maintains low oil temperatures, resulting in higher efficiency as safer operation
  • All hydraulic and mechanical parts are standard in the industry, and available throughout North America

Key features and specs

  • Stroke Length: 16"
  • Bore of Ram: 10"
  • Max. Distance Ram to Table: 33"
  • Distance between Frames left to right: 48"
  • Distance between frames front to back: 16"
  • Ram Speed: 20 IPM (Pressing), 24 IPM (Return)
  • Motor: 15 HP, 575/3/60
  • Weight: 3,600 lbs
  • Dimensions: 58"L x 72"W x 98"H
  • F.O.B.: Mississauga, ON


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