Additional Features

Top technologie: PRIMEcut swing beam shear!

The upper blade penetrates the material above the lower blade and delivers right-angled and burr-free parts. The tilting motion of the swing beam eliminates parts getting stuck between the lower blade and the backgauge. The extremely low rake angle of less than 1.0 degrees assures twist free cuts even at about 15 x material thickness! Special blades are ideal for mild steel as well as stainless steel applications.

Touch-Cut control

The Touch-Cut control positions the backstop to the programmed dimension and cuts the required number of pieces. The operator can program a single program line or can create entire cutting programs. Up to 50 programs with 20 lines each can be stored. The machine can be operated either in a single or continuous stroke mode. With the settings menu you can access the languages, the mm/inch selection and a screen-cleaning mode.

Precision cuts with LED cutting line illumination

The CNC backgauge positions the blank within the 750 mm stop depth. If the blanks need to be positioned below the shear blades using marks a bright LED cutting line illumination simplifies the work. A squaring arm with hardened and self-cleaning eccentric stops perfectly squares the blanks. Beveled shear tables with large grip space between the tables makes handling quick and easy. A plastic coated hold down offers mar free material clamping during the cut is made.

Configurable shear table

The PRIMEcut shear offers a variety of different shear tables even for extra large blanks. This allows a flexible and customized configuration of the shear table due to specific needs. With the moveable squaring arm and table extension the shear table support area can be enlarged up to 3 meter length.

Perfect sorting of cut parts

A sheet support and sorting system is already included in the standard machine configuration. The sheet support guides even the thinnest materials horizontally and accurately to the backstop. A foot lever position determines whether the parts chute delivers cut pieces to the front or the rear. Usually, the shear sorts the larger parts to the front, while smaller parts and trim cuts will be directed to the rear. The cut pieces will be delivered to a parts collector or a moveable stacking carriage.

Flexible safety concept

Protective fences and safety light beams together with the attractive machine design complete the PRIMEcut safety concept. They prevent access to the rear of the machine during the work process. Protection systems are available with fences/door for safe-guarded access from the right or left side, or with fences and safety light beams.


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