Up and Down!

To achieve the maximum safety level, the machine is always operated from the rear of the machine. The front area of the machine needs to be entered only for tool changes. A completely new gauging system automatically adjusts its size to the actual folding situation. On small and narrow parts, the gauging system reduces its size. On larger blank sizes the gauging system increases to its maximum standard depth of 1510 mm (59.5”). Extended gauging systems in J or U shape configuration allow stop dimensions up to 3270 mm (128.75”) or 4150 mm (163.4″).

The speed of the UpDownBend machine is also a benefit in the fact that more parts per hour will be produced. Most handling operations will be eliminated due to the unique up and down folding capability. 110 degrees per second folding beam speed and 75 mm/s (2.36”/sec) travel speed of the upper beam impressively demonstrate the dynamic characteristics of the machine operation.

  • Positive and negative bending without flipping the part
  • Mid range blank thicknesses
  • Semi automated material handling
  • Bending parts with angular footprint
  • Optimum solution for mid range budgets


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