Straight bends are essential for perfectly folded parts. A sturdy and solid machine design is the biggest contributor in producing straight bends. The heavily built folding beam powerfully resists bending forces using a deep and rigid box design. Bending forces vary significantly depending on material thickness, material quality and part length. In addition, the machine deflection near the side frames is less than in the center of the machine.

RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH now offers the patented intelligent crowning system on its line of FLEXIbend folding machines. Integrated sensors measure the actual beam deflection during the first couple of degrees of the folding beam movement. Using this information, the CNC control activates the crowning system, which automatically compensates for beam deflection during the folding beam movement. The CNC writes the adjustment value for each bend into the program so there is no need for additional measuring cycles for the remaining parts.

Without test bends or additional programming, the crowning system creates perfectly straight parts. So, if the material is thick or thin, mild steel or stainless, short or long flanges, or whether the part will be folded in the center of the machine or to one side, the results are straight and accurate parts.


  • Ideal bending solution from 0.5 to 6 mm mild steel
  • Large free space for maximum parts design flexibility
  • Easy to handle
  • Bending of panels and profiles
  • Bending any angles, radii, open/closed hems


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