Straightening and uncoiling combined in one machine simplifies controls. The machine’s drive system reduces the number of components and is more economical than a combination reel and power straightener.

*Note: We carry a variety of threading systems. Contact a representative from Westway to determine how to set up your arrangement.

  • Powered Straighteners Features:
    • Smooth operation; no sudden stops and starts
    • Automatically match process demand
    • Driven pinch and lower straightener rolls
    • Exit side guide rolls
    • Entry and exit support rollers
  • Features and functions of either cradle or powered versions:
    • Rugged heavy duty steel construction
    • All rolls hardened to 55 RC
    • All lubrication points marked and easily accessible
    • Lifting points for cranes
    • Forklift truck lifting tubes
    • Capacities from .060” to .375” mild steel, 12” to 72”
    • Standard payout speed of 0 to 80 fpm
    • Digital indicators to show straightener roll position
    • Standard straightener head with entry and exit pinch rolls and 7 straightening rolls


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