Single and dual spindle reels can be used as a stand-alone machine or it can be configured drive and braking systems, power straighteners, coil cars, overarms, pinch rolls, and rolling mills.

The best option for thin, prefinished, or sensitive materials.

  • Features and functions
    • Available as single or dual spindle
    • Suitable to a wide range of materials
    • Able to unwind or rewind
    • Fast coil change times with the dual spindle version
    • Drive and brake systems available
    • Prevents damage to soft, prefinished, and mark sensitive materials
  • Models available
    • D – Dual spindle
    • B – Overrun brake
    • BT – Back tension brake
    • BTJ – Back tension brake with jog motor for threading
    • M – Motorized
  • Optional features
    • Light to heavy duty braking systems
    • Hydraulic or mechanical mandrel expansion
    • Outboard spindle supports; for heavy, wide coils with small diameters
    • Quick release coil keepers
    • Sonar loop controls
    • Fixed or travelling position
    • Coil clamping arms with idle or driven wheels
    • Combination with coil car, or coil elevator


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