• Movable arm in 2 positions with weight compensation
  • Grinding belt for the removal of rough burrs
  • High friction mat for small parts
  • Movable tray to collect grinding dust
  • Frequency-controlled drive
  • 50”x30” bench
  • 400V connection with vacuum table
  • 1 HP main motor
  • Side panels that can be adjusted with height for personal protection and machining large parts
  • U.L. Certified


This versatile machine has two heads that can be fitted with various types of media. The media includes different types of pads and brushes for deburring, edge rounding, finishing, laser oxide removal, and heavy slag removal. With the 180 degree (please use the icon for degrees) rotating shaft, a quick and easy switch to different consumables as possible.


Benefits include:


  • Long service-life flap brushes reduce material cost
  • 3-4 times faster than manual deburring
  • Affordable entry-level model
  • Vacuum area to keep small parts in place


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