FT-150 FIBER Production tube-cutting technology

  • FT-150 FIBER delivers high-speed and high-productivity for small to medium diameter tube production.
  • Proprietary U-Axis enables impressive cutting speeds and superior part accuracy through a wide range of applications.
  • This fiber tube laser utilizes a 2.5D cutting head with focus detection. The programmable angle of the B-Axis enables bevel cutting of the material thickness and improves welding, multi-tube assembly, fit and finish.
  • Equipped with a standard 6.5 meter bundle loader.
  • Optional extrusion tapping is a value added process that utilizes a rotary spindle and eight tool positions. Any tool position can be deployed for direct tapping or combined with extrusion, providing proper thread depth.
  • Optional spatter guard protects the internal tube surfaces from cutting debris and reduces secondary operations.
  • Optional weld seam detection camera orients the workpiece for proper geometry orientation.


FT-150 FIBER Laser Machine Video


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