3D Fiber Laser Cutting of Tube, Pipe, and Structural Material

Mazak has engineered a proprietary 3D cutting head that maximizes flexibility and range of movement, which expands the range of applications possible with the FG-400 NEO. These cutting capabilities reduce the time needed for secondary processes and achieve high accuracy for easy assembly of laser-cut parts.

The ability to adjust beam shape/diameter offers users more control during the cutting process. The machine automatically adjusts beam diameter to accommodate the cutting of various materials and thicknesses. Additionally, the FG-400 NEO is equipped with beam shaping technology which controls where the power density of the laser beam is concentrated.

A four-chuck work support system extends the machine’s capabilities and prevents material distortion during processing. Additional equipment enables high accuracy cutting of heavier material with larger diameters and lengths.

Performance Advantages


  • Beam shape/diameter control delivers optimal laser-cutting performance of various materials and thicknesses
  • Proprietary 3D cutting head maximizes flexibility and expands the range of applications
  • Four-chuck work support system enables high accuracy cutting of heavier material with larger diameters and lengths
  • Advanced technology provides efficient processing of complex features and highly reflective material, such as copper and brass


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