Note: Most of the optional tooling used on the dual cylinder S/SD Ironworker can also be used on the PM series Punching Machines.

  • Improve efficiency and precision of punching with these optional features
    • Multi-stop table
    • Duplicating table with hydraulic stripper and hydraulic clamping (for faster and more accurate repetition work)
    • Fully CNC controlled positioning table
  • Additional optional tooling/features:
    • Pipe notcher
    • Rectangular notcher
    • Press brake (single vee or multi vee press brake)
    • Angle shearing
    • Bar shearing
    • Channel shearing
    • Flat bar shearing
  • Key features for the optional tables
    • Hydraulic clamps for strong grip of material
    • Hydraulic stripper with exchangeable plates
    • Ball transfer units on the support table
    • Safety covers with interlock switch
    • Sensor for the air-oil booster to ensure clamping pressure
    • Adjustable servo motor speed for various material size
  • Key features for the controller
    • Four pre-programmed patterns
    • Store up to 100 programs (each consist of up to 6 patterns)
    • Maximum table travel without load: 33ft/min
    • Table accuracy without load: ±0.002inch


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