If you’re in the market for an industrial band saw you should look to Hyd-Mech for your solution. Hyd-Mech has an extensive selection of vertical and horizontal industrial bandsaws for all of your cutting needs. Their saws have a reputation for reliability and durability; with over 30 years in the industry they are a company you can trust.

The vertical bandsaw, or contour saw, has a stationary blade while the material is moved across it. If you need to cut complex shapes then this is the saw for you. Hyd-Mech vertical column contour saws feature a 3HP variable frequency drive system and a dual range transmission. The saws also have a variety of additional options such as a tilting work table, chip blower, or mist coolant.

Horizontal bandsaws use a moving swing blade to cut a stationary piece of material. These saws are used for cutting long materials like pipe or bar stock. Hyd-Mech’s S20A horizontal bandsaw has a powerful 5HP variable frequency drive that will offer superior cutting performance across various materials. This model enables the operator to program up to 1000 different jobs with 100 jobs in queue. With the standard PLC controls and a 10 gallon coolant tank, this band saw will get jobs done quickly and efficiently with 75% shorter remnant pieces.

Check out the video below of the Hyd-Mech H-32A in action. This model tackles heavy-duty projects with accurate 90 ° cuts.


>>Westway Machinery has an extensive line of horizontal and vertical bandsaws for you to choose from. Contact one of our representatives today to find one for your needs. 

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