Ironworkers are built to handle jobs that fabricators and manufacturers regularly face. They’re three-in-one machines that work as shears, notches, and punches.

Punching station:

Ironworkers come equipped with a full range of punches and dies. The punching station creates a variety of holes in sheet metal. Many ironworker punching stations also minimize deformation. To do so, they come with strippers that have interchangeable parts with various openings.

Notching station:

Notching is a low-cost process, but notchers can be quite expensive. Buying an ironworker eliminates this high capital cost. An ironworker’s notching station is versatile, as shops can use it for almost any workable metal. They excel when used for angles and flat bars.

Shearing station:

Ironworkers are built with shearing stations that cut wide ranges of plates and sheet metals. They’re best for bar, flat bar, and angle shearing. Certain brands’ blades are designed to create minimal distortion. This also prevents material loss during angle shearing.

Why Do I Need an Ironworker?

Ironworkers play integral roles in fabrication shops and manufacturing facilities. They typically use hydraulic systems to generate large amounts of power. But their versatility is why many metalworkers rely on them.

Fast and simple, they reduce the amount of time and effort needed to complete essential tasks. This is largely because only one person has to operate and re-tool an ironworker.

These factors make them ideal for smaller shops with fewer workers. They’re also beneficial for busy shops that need every productivity advantage they can get.

What’s a Dependable Ironworker Brand?

Renowned for commitment to safety and reliability, Fabmaster hydraulic ironworkers come in a variety of models. They range from 50- to 180-ton models with vertical slide, single cylinder, and dual cylinder designs.

Regardless, they’re built to save time, money, and labour. Through careful accuracy during the machining process and a robust design, they are quiet, accurate and durable machines that will give you outstanding performance day after day.

These features make Fabmaster ironworkers a smart long-term investment for your shop. You’ll notice quality and efficiency improvements as soon as you install one.

Westway Machinery offers a variety of ironworkers, as well as other metal forming and fabrication equipment. Contact us today to learn more.

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