SafanDarley, the inventor of the E-Brake, has released a press brake installation video for Revicon; an engineered-to-order custom sheet metal fabricator in the Netherlands. Revicon recently installed a 1200 ton, 9 metre long tandem press brake using 2 SafanDarley H-Brakes.

Why do Shops Install Tandem Press Brakes?

Installing 2 press brakes to work in tandem allows you to create a custom bed length and a custom tonnage amount. It’s an ideal option for shops that bend extra-long pieces. The machines are fully synchronized to bend at the same time, yet they can also be used independently to bend different sets of smaller sheets.

Take a look at the short time-lapse video below; it documents the complete process. The video was put together by taking a photo during every minute of the installation.

>>Westway Machinery is proud to be Canada’s exclusive dealer of SafanDarley press brakes and shears; the world leader in metal forming machine quality, efficiency, and innovation.

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