WestwayWestway Machinery—Ontario’s leading choice for metal-forming and metal-fabricating machinery sales and servicing—is the proud distributor of the SAFAN 300T 4100 electronic brake press.  Developed in the Netherlands, SAFAN’s electronic press brakes are the best and most energy efficient in the world.

Pulley Drive System: Of the many unique features of the 300T 4100, one of the most impressive is that the single-pulley drive used on machines up to 200 tons is extendable to a double-pulley drive, which makes for an innovative and compact drive system (patented by SAFAN).  The power of the servo drives is equally distributed over the upper beam by the 100 mm wide belt.

No Crowning: Another innovation for the 300T 4100 is the specially developed  lower beam which compensates for even the most minimal distortion during bending.  SAFAN e-brakes provide even pressure so that there’s no crowning or bulging.  Even for a 300 ton, 4 metre press-brake, crowning is not necessary.

Strong Foundation: There’s no need to provide an augmented or additional foundation, either.  SAFAN manufactures their e-brakes with a specially rigid O-frame construction, which means that the lower beam stays slim and the machine base flat, both of which ensures that the tooling under high pressure is kept in line.

Incredible Reliability: The entire line of SAFAN e-brakes do not use oil, which is used in conventional hydraulic press brakes, which means no leaks—no hydraulics, no messy valves, cylinders, lines, pump and tank to worry about.  And because there are no hydraulic valves, extremely quick cycle times are granted—30% lower than conventional hydraulic press brakes. 

Energy Efficient: The entire machine is environmentally friendly and does not require a heating-up period, and does not cause pollution.  It also enjoys significantly lower maintenance costs, too.  The servo-electronic drive system uses up to 50% less energy than conventional press brakes because the SAFAN only uses energy when the pedal is depressed, unlike other presses that run continuously even when not used.

Watch this amazing demonstration video of Westway’s own product specialist Gurvinder Chane taken at the recent FABTECH Canada 2012 show.


>> Come on down to Westway’s showroom—2370 Cawthra RD in Mississauga—for a live demonstration of the future of electronic press brakes!

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