Westway Machinery—Ontario’s leading choice for metal-forming and metal-fabricating machinery—is the proud distributor of the next generation of the SAFAN electronic brake press. SAFAN’s motto is ‘The E-volution in sheetmetal working,’ and this evolution has resulted in even more exciting new products.

SAFAN has added a range of new advances to its already worldwide endorsed E-brake technology. SAFAN’s press brakes are designed and built according to a modular concept, which means that their brakes—from the 25 ton to the 100 ton—are even more efficient than before.

The E-brake Ergonomic version is a 1.2 m x 35 ton machine ideal for seated operators manufacturing small components. With this advance, SAFAN has set new standards in efficiency, economy, ergonomics, and ecology, and with a pressing force of 300 tons, these E-standards position the manufacturer well ahead of the competition.

SAFAN has improved various standard specifications and improved optional features, including the addition of a back gauge and larger screen. The SAFAN E-Control operates through a fully touch, 17-inch screen that run on a regular PC under Microsoft Windows.

The unit is fitted with a 100 MB Ethernet UTP network connection, which means that the instructions are transmitted to a central processor from the SAFAN E-Control, which then regulates the various axles.

The system can be programmed quickly and accurately because of its ‘self-teaching’ database derived from data on materials, tools, and previously corrected bending. Finally, the controls are setup for web-based communication, such as online diagnoses and downloaded Internet software updates. Machines can also be coupled together in a group with shared tooling databases.

>> To discover more about the next generation of SAFAN e-brakes, contact a Westway Machinery SAFAN representative today!

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