When manufacturers come to Westway Machinery with production problems we are determined to help them find the right solution. Upon visiting a local manufacturing company we saw them struggling to bend tubes for a trailer.  We suggested they could increase their speed and improve accuracy with a SOCO TB38. The company was making utility trailers and it was taking them over two minutes for each bend on a two-bend part.  It was difficult to make the second bend exactly at the right position each time and many tubes had to be thrown out. Long production times and excess waste were seriously impacting profitability.

Our SOCO solution

We recommended the SOCO TB38 double head tube bender, because it would decrease tube-bending time for each part from about 5 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Even a CNC mandrel bender that can automatically position the tube for the second bend would have been slower and cost considerably more. The SOCO TB38 double bender makes 2 bends simultaneously and can bend 1-3 tubes at a time. The advantage of the TB38 is not only an increase in speed, but also the ability to accurately control the distance between the bends. If you have a similar application, producing more tubes at high speeds will drastically improve your company’s productivity and allow you to fill orders faster.

Add the SOCO TB38 to your fabrication shop

The double tube bender from SOCO is ideal for simple productions that require mass amounts of 90° tube bends, but the machine can also bend up to 110°. You can expect a product like this, with high speed and great accuracy, to have less than a year payback. In this customer’s situation the SOCO double tube bender paid it back in only 3-4 months. How much will you save by adding a double bender to your production line?

Watch the video below; it demonstrates the speed of the SOCO double head tube-bending machine.

Contact Westway Machinery for product details or come out and visit our showroom to see the SOCO TB38 in action. 

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