Your tube fabricator may not even be the first to suggest it when discussion comes up about new applications to acquire for your shop floor.  But the SOCO TB-38 Double-Head Tube Bender nevertheless improves productivity so much that it should be near the top of your list for shop acquisitions. 

Traditionally tube, round or square, is bent one angle at a time.  But with the TB-38 you can bend a tube in two places at the same time (double bend).  Simultaneous double-bending represents not just an increase in speed but an improvement in precision as the distance between the bends can be accurately controlled.

The average time it takes to bend a tube with two bends on the TB-38 is approximately five seconds, or less, compared to a traditional mandrel bender, which usually requires over a minute.  Even a CNC mandrel bender cannot beat the TB-38.  Although the CNC grabs the tube, bends it, and then positions the tube for the second bend, it cannot come close to the TB-38’s five-second cycle time—not to mention that the CNC bender is three times the price of the TB-38.

Watch this amazing video that was taken by SOCO!


>> Come on down to Westway’s showroom—2370 Cawthra RD in Mississauga—for a live demonstration of the TB-38’s double-bending capability.

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