HYD-MECH S-23A Horizontal Band SawAt Westway Machinery we strive to help our customers improve their manufacturing productions by finding customized machine solutions to increase your production speed and achieve greater accuracy.

If you’re looking for a reliable band saw with exceptional performance and productivity then we think that the HYD-MECH S-23A is a machine to consider. This machine can tackle all kinds of tough jobs and cut through a wide variety of materials.

This powerful scissor-style band saw has been redesigned and now features:

  • Larger 16” H by 20” W cutting capacity
  • 1-1/4” blade width
  • 8.8 HP variable frequency drive motor

Standard features include:

  • Heavy-duty cast iron guide arms and wheels
  • Mitres from 90° to 60°
  • On demand hydraulics for energy savings
  • Positive down feed
  • Carbide guides to extend blade life
  • Blade coolant pump and wash down hose
  • Ergonomic design and user friendly control panel
  • Heavy-duty gearbox and motor assembly
  • Easy access servicing panel

Other features include an LED display for that shows blade tension, speed, and height, saw run time, part length and piece count, blade drive motor amperage, and the total job and blade run times.

Save time on large-scale projects with the S-23A’s programmable controls. The system has space for 1000 jobs and can run up to 100 jobs in a row. Band saw operators can choose from these 4 machine cycles in the automatic setting when setting up the job queue:

  1. Continuous cycle – will move from job to job without stopping in between
  2. Pause sequence cycle – will pause between different jobs (this allows your operator to change part collection bins and keep different part sizes separate easily
  3. Sequence cycle – will pause after the first cut in each job to let the operator inspect the piece before continuing with the reminder of cuts
  4. Loop cycle – this cycle will saw a single cut from various jobs (this is useful when you need to cut a complete set of parts for a smaller order)

This S-23A saw is an excellent choice based on its exceptional cutting performance and rigid durability. And most of all you can trust the high quality HYD-MECH brand; they’ve been in the business for 35 years and provide the best cost-per-cut in the industry.

Click here for more product information on the HYD-MECH S-23A.

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