Family owned and operated, Westway Machinery has been Ontario’s leading, reliable sales and servicers of quality metal-forming and metal-manufacturing machinery since 1972. Our 28,000 square-foot warehouse facility stocks an array of machinery and consumable parts for nearly every application.

After forty years in the business of selling and servicing machinery, we have discovered that those who employ a schedule of regular preventative maintenance for their machinery enjoy a higher ROI (Return on Investment) from their equipment and therefore have far fewer down-times and outages, if any at all.

Equipment down-times cost you money and a loss of productivity. Repairing machines that have not been comprehensively maintained on a regularly scheduled basis, is always far more expensive than maintaining them. The downtime endured while you wait for a service technician to arrive, diagnose the problem, obtain the appropriate parts, and then repair your equipment, can be financially catastrophic for any business.

Westway is dedicated to preventative machinery servicing. If your product’s warranty has expired, it’s time to consider contracting Westway to establish a preventative maintenance schedule so that you avoid sudden costly repairs and downtimes. The idea of maintenance is simple: if you take care of a thing, then it will provide you with a long and loyal life.

>> Westway Machinery has a team of dedicated service technicians to inspect your facility’s machinery. Contact us today to discover how to get the most out of all of your equipment.

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