Keeping up with preventative maintenance on an older hydraulic press brake can become a costly business expense. It requires time, a proper maintenance schedule and support staff with a certain degree of expertise in hydraulics, electronics, and mechanics. More problems can arise as the machine gets older. More maintenance is required to produce high quality parts and components, and to keep the equipment running at a cost efficient level.

Electronic E-Brakes can reduce the amount of time spent on daily visual and safety inspections, avoid the need for oil and filter changes, eliminate machine shut-downs due to valve, seal and line leaks, and most of all, eliminate the cost of hydraulic oil and disposal costs associated with it.

The key is to reduce the variables which can seriously affect the production output. The easiest way to do this is by switching to a low maintenance SafanDarley E-Brake. 

Benefits of Switching to an Electronic Press Brake

  • Saves money; no need to buy oil
  • Eliminates oil disposal costs
  • No more faulty pumps, valves, leaking seals, plugged filters, broken pipes, and hoses
  • Dramatic reduction on preventative maintenance time

Eliminating these factors and going to an electronic e-brake will result in increased machine reliability, increased operation time, decreased production cost, and money in your pocket.

Surprisingly, e-brakes with their servo electronic architecture are a much quicker and more accurate press brake option with added benefits of reduced maintenance costs, improved operator safety, and ease of operation for your operators. Ergonomics have been incorporated into the design process to keep your operators healthy and avoid future disability claims. The machines have an excellent track record out in the field (worldwide), and will bring your production processes into a new generation to remain competitive and profitable in your business.

At Westway Machinery we suggest that you should switch to a SafanDarley E-Brake that will perform much more efficiently. We also service what we sell, so when the need arises, we’ll be there.

Servo-electronic press brakes are a great alternative to hydraulic press brakes for fabrication shops that don’t have the resources available to dedicate to maintenance and repair, or even for high production shops who cannot afford to have lengthy machine downtimes. You’ll save time and money, increase productivity, and avoid the oil-related problems that can arise from hydraulics.

>>This is why we choose to represent and carry the SafanDarley E-Brake line of servo-electronic press brakes. Come visit our showroom to find out and see if an electronic press brake is the right investment for you. 

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