RAS: The World Leader in Metal Bending, Cutting, Folding, and Forming TechnologiesWe are excited to announce that RAS’ lineup of metal forming machines (including folders, benders, shears, and more) is now available at Westway Machinery. This means that you, our customers, get more of what we’ve become the experts at providing – only the best.

With over six decades of experience producing metal forming machinery, RAS has become the global leader in folding, shearing, and roll-forming machines.

Keep reading to learn more about RAS and three of its most popular folders:

The Top 3 Metal Folding Machines from RAS

1. FLEXIbend

RAS’ FLEXIbendRAS’ FLEXIbend offers limitless flexibility:

  • It features a Click-In-Tool system for the upper beam and a folding beam able to take in sharp and segmented beam tools, clamping all components automatically.
  • A 15” Touch&More CNC gives operators the ability to graphically set up and input instructions.
  • The back-gauge and sheet support systems can extend as J- or U-shapes (with a range of 3050mm to 4050mm).

A key component of RAS’ FLEXIbend is the intelligent crowning system, engineered to automatically calculate the data operators need to manually enter with traditional machines (including material type, width, and tensile strength) and eliminate the need to perform sacrificial test bends. After loading the blank and starting the folding cycle, built-in sensors measure deflection caused by the actual load. The folding beam is then only allowed to move about ten degrees before returning it to its original position.

Click here to see more images, videos, and detailed specs of RAS’ FLEXIbend!

2.  TURBObend

2.	TURBObendThe TURBObend from RAS is the first ever folding system capable of intuitively running your parts. After selecting a part from an image-based icon library, you will be prompted to enter flange dimensions and angles. The control will automatically program your part using an intelligent back-gauge system to position each part on the bend-line.  The extra-deep folding beam will dynamically adjust for material thicknesses at speeds up to 80-degrees per second.

RAS TURBObend features the CrownTool. This innovative design combines the folding beam tool and the crowning system, enabling you to pre-set crowning metrics and achieve straight bends even when step-bending radii.

Click here to see more images, videos, and detailed specs of RAS’ TURBObend!

3. TURBObend plus

The TURBObend plus is designed to let you bend tapered profiles that will fit into each other. It uses stop fingers at either end to position parts parallel to bend-lines, allowing you to create tapered and parallel bends in the center of the machine.

RAS’ TURBObend incorporates tools like:TURBObend plus

  • A wide setting range (adjustable up to 5mm forward).
  • Accommodation for a range of sharp tools and up to 110-mm high box tools, each segment locking into the upper beam through a quick-clamp system.
  • The CrownTool system, which facilitates precise bending.
  • Touch&More CNC with a built-in CADalyzer for simplified graphical setups, making it easy for operators to use nothing more than a finger and pencil to draw the final shape of the piece on the screen.

Click here to see more images, videos, and detailed specs of RAS’ TURBObend plus!

RAS: A Brief History

RAS (Reinhardt Machinenbau of Sindelfingen) started in 1939 as workshop owned and operated by Wilhelm Reinhardt. RAS began producing machine tools in the mid-1940s before expanding to a larger factory just over 10 years later. The decades that followed saw a slew of firsts for RAS – including its first folding machine in 1949, the first hydraulic-driven folding machine in 1954, the first CNC-controlled folder in 1968, and more.

RAS opened its US branch (RAS Systems LLC) in 1995 and continued to show off its folding, flanging, punching, bending, and software innovations through the 2000s.

Today, RAS is renowned for manufacturing high quality, high precision metal forming machinery engineered to perform in any shop. Its industry-leading products bend, cut, form, and punch a wide range of material types, thicknesses, and configurations.

Do you want to discuss how a RAS folding machine can work for your application? Contact the experts at Westway today!

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