FLOWAre you busy filling work orders to meet end of the year deadlines? Or are you pulling longer hours to get a head start on the New Year? Is your sheet metal fabrication shop starting to feel a bit more like Santa’s workshop?

We know that many of our customers are busy around this time of year, and we want to help.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts after the holidays. We’ll feature products and offer manufacturing tips that will help you manage your workload, maximize your output, and lower production costs.

The team at Westway Machinery would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very productive new year. If you want to add some holiday cheer around the shop then check out the sheet metal fabrication idea below.

Festive Fabrication Project

Do you have a Flow Waterjet machine? Flow has released some holiday themed tree ornament designs. Click here to view the downloadable DXF files for your FlowMaster software.

Gather up the scrap metal in your shop and let your employees take home an ornament. Another idea is to give them out to clients; it’s a great way to showcase the detailed designs you can achieve with the Flow Waterjet Cutting System.

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