No matter what kind of products you fabricate you most likely have some degree of finishing, sanding, and grinding to do before each piece is complete. Whether you run a mass production or a small-scale custom shop there’s a machine that you might want to take a look at. It’s the Mini-Belt Dry Sander; a small sander from Timesavers that delivers big results.

Timesavers is the world’s largest manufacturer of wide belt sanders and they have created a mini sander that stands up to high quality standards and the demands of a variety of productions.

What is the Timesavers Mini-Belt Dry Metal Sander?

The Mini-Belt Dry Sander is a ruggedly built, small abrasive belt sander at an affordable price point. The sander features a 9 x 48-inch abrasive belt that can efficiently finish metal parts up to 8 ½ inches wide, deburr parts up to 17 ½ inches wide, and process parts up to 2 ½ inches thick.

The grinder eliminates burrs from pieces easily and cleans up scratches and imperfections in as few as one pass through the conveyor bed. The belt is powered by 5 horsepower motor that is completely enclosed and fan cooled to ensure that the motor stays clean without overheating.

This simple sander is complete with lots of safety features like operator hand guarding, and enclosed work area, and a perimeter safety system that allows for quick outfeed emergency stops.

mini-belt-gn_050-copy-psHow can it help your shop and your product?

The Mini-Belt sander may be a small, stripped down sander, but it is a tried and true workhorse that’s capable of processing thousands of small parts an hour. The sander improves the visual appearance of your product by removing surface flaws and scratches. It also cleans up burrs from punches, shears, and drills. Pieces that cycle through the sander result in a more polished and finished piece that is more impressive to your end user.

Who is the Mini-Belt made for?

The Timesavers Mini-Belt sander has a place in productions both large and small. This machine is a step up for the serious hobbyist who wants to move up from manual deburring tools—and it’s affordable too. You’ll find this machine in a lot of small shops that specialize in various small parts fabrication. Large fabricators also use the Mini-Belt as a reliable go-to machine for finishing up pieces. It also makes for a great back-up grinder if other machines are down or as an overflow machine if pieces start to pile up.

If you’re interested in adding the Timesavers sander to your shop, call Westway. Our team can answer any questions and help get your machine set up quickly.

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