Over the last two decades, we’ve seen a transition in the roofing and HVAC industries away from manual machinery to more powerful CNC equipment. Initially the shift was slow, but it has ramped up over the last few years so that today those roofers and HVAC installers who aren’t using advanced, automated folding and shearing machines are likely to find themselves at a disadvantage.

We wanted to take a look at three of the best folding and shearing machines currently available from RAS for our roofing and HVAC customers including the TURBObend and TURBObend Plus folders as well as the Swing Beam Shear SMARTcut. Keep reading to learn more:


Folding and Shearing Machines for Roofers

Ras’ TURBObend Folder

RAS’ TURBObend is the first ever folding system capable of intuitively running your parts. First, you select a part from the image-based icon library. You will then be prompted to enter flange angles and dimensions. Finally, the controls will automatically program your part using the intelligent back-gauge system, positioning each part precisely on the bend line while the extra-deep folding beam dynamically adjusts for material thicknesses at speeds up to 80-degrees per second.


For roofers, this all means one simple thing—tremendous amounts of time saved when compared with using a traditional hand brake.

Click here to see more images, videos, and detailed specs of RAS’ TURBObend!  


RAS’ Swing Beam Shear SMARTcut

The Swing Beam Shear SMARTcut allows operators to decide with a foot petal precisely where they want the sheet to go. They simply load the material, and then adjust it to be closer or farther until it’s in the right position.

The beauty of this set up is that the operator is able to stand in one place and do everything they need without moving.


RAS’ SMARTcut Swing Beam Shear is available with either a manual or CNC backgauge and boasts features like:

  • Touch-Cut Control
  • Backstop Options and LED Cutting Line Illuminations
  • Sheet Support and Sorting System
  • Variable Shear Table Configurations
  • Alternative Safety Concepts

Click here to see more images, videos, and detailed specs of RAS’ Swing Beam Shear SMARTcut!


Folding Machines for HVAC Installers

RAS’ TURBObend Plus

The TURBObend Plus incorporates many of the same features as the TURBObend, but there’s one key difference: removable tooling. This level of adaptability and versatility isn’t necessarily required for roofing applications, but it’s crucial for HVAC installers who need to be able to customize the pieces they’re working on.


RAS’ TURBObend Plus features:

  • A wide setting range (adjustable up to 5mm forward).
  • Accommodation for a variety of sharp tools and up to 110mm high box tools, each segment locking into the upper beam through a quick clamp system.
  • The CrownTool system to facilitate precise bending.
  • Touch&More CNC with a built-in CADalyzer for simplified graphical setups, making it easy for operators to use nothing more than a finger to draw the final shape of the piece on the screen.

Click here to see more images, videos, and detailed specs of RAS’ TURBObend plus!


Whatever your unique needs, choosing the folding and shearing equipment best suited to your applications can boost efficiency and productivity, improve the quality of your finished pieces, and help you get (and keep) your competitive edge.

Do you want to discuss how a RAS folding or shearing machine can work for your application? Contact the experts at Westway today!

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