Fabmaster is a leading manufacturer of ironworkers and punching machines. Renowned for their commitment to safety and reliability, Fabmaster machines are created to save you time, money, and labour. They meet the varied needs of the metal fabricating industry.

We are pleased to announce that Fabmaster has come out with a new model of hydraulic ironworker – the IW-66B. Fabmaster hydraulic ironworkers are designed specifically to have multiple functions that help you do the job in the most effective and efficient way possible.  

The IW-66B will change the way that operators do their bending and punching.

With the improved brake attachment mounted on the opposite end to the punching station, you’ll be able to do bending and punching without making tooling changes – saving you time and effort.

Bending becomes easier with an integrated 12” multi-vee bending station, situated at a comfortable height. The metal can be positioned exactly where you want it with the 24” gauge included in the work table, and fine stroke adjustment is enabled by the modified actuators.

Safety should never be overlooked. The IW-66B features an interlocked cover and separate foot pedal to ensure the operator’s protection.

With these improvements, it’s easy to see why the IW-66B is so advantageous.

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