SafanDarleyYou may have heard about some organizational changes for the Netherland’s based Safan manufacturing company. Safan has a reputation as a leader in the innovative development and construction of sheet metal press brakes and shears.  They recently released some interesting news announcing a merger with sheet metal equipment manufacturer Darley — a company known for creating custom solutions for customers. The two companies have called themselves “SafanDarley”; uniting both names into a global brand. It will be interesting to see how the merger will impact their products. We can expect impressive results from this expansion as both companies combine their long history of experience and innovative patents.

What do you think about the merger? Click here to read the press release.

>> SafanDarley is the world leader, inventor, and ongoing innovator of electronic Servo Driven Press Brake technology. Their patented machine construction and latest control technologies are highly regarded around the world for their precision, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Click here to view our inventory of SafanDarley press brakes and shears.

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