An ironworker is a three-in one machine that works as a notcher, punch and shear. It is a strong, multi-purpose machine that is designed to accomplish a multitude of tasks that are done by manufacturers and fabricators. They come in a variety of makes, models, sizes, with different makes/models offering unique manufacturing capabilities and specifications. The versatility of these machines make them an essential tool that in any fabrication shop.

Press Brakes
Press brakes are an exceptionally versatile machine, they have the ability to bend a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, sheet metal, stainless steel and brass. These machines allow you to form pieces into boxes, k panels and other shapes. These machines are a great option for a small shop looking to improve their bending processes while still staying on budget. Press Brakes are available in large variety of different sizes and capacities, making them relevant for shops of all sizes. Depending on your needs there are a multitude of options available for these machines, including manual operated, CNC and options available with robotic arms that limit the need for human intervention. Regardless of the size or needs of your shop you will likely benefit from the addition of a Press Brake.

Water Jet
Water Jets are a cost efficient and versatile tool that allow you to cut and shape metal. Water jets are able to cut almost anything, including carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, glass, copper, rubber, aluminum, and plastics. Unlike many cutting machines that rely on heat to cut materials, water jets use very high pressure of water. Since water jets do not use heat to cut they deliver a more precise cut void of heat distortion and hardened edges. Water Jets offer precision and uniform burr-free edges. Water Jets are a flexible tool that can benefit any fabricating shop.

Plate Rolls
Plate rolling is a critical operation for most fabrication shops. For this reason it is essential for a fabrication shop to have a plate rolling machine. These machines allow you to create tanks as well as other rolled parts that you may need while completing a fabrication process. Plate rolls allow fabricators to create cylindrical items out of sheet metal, in a range of lengths and diameters. Plate rolls range from small pinch rolls to large 4 roll CNC machines. As with other machines listed Plate rolls are available in an array of sizes, capacities and options, so finding a fit for your shop should be no problem.

Band Saws
Saws are useful for cutting structural and solid materials. Band saws use a continuous band of blade to cut through material in a quick and efficient manner. The blades can be ordered in many different teeth configurations and materials and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. The machines come in all shapes and sizes but the most popular type today are the swing head style. These saws allow the operator to swing the head of the machine rather than the material, in order to cut the material at a different angle from 90 degrees.

Metal Shearing Machine
Sheet metal fabrication often starts with a shearing process. The benefit of a shear is that it can quickly cut up large pieces of sheet metal into workable pieces or trim parts for a specific application. Shears provide a simple and fast way to size material for further fabricating operations. Weather it’s a stand-alone machine, or an Ironworker with shearing capabilities, it is essential to have a machine capable of performing this process.

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